Day 10

Payday! Gotta love coming back from vacation and getting paid, ah such a good feeling. I wanted to go out to breakfast so I took my mom and Joce out to breakfast to a place called Good Fellas in Corona, Ca. It’s an Italian restaurant and I have to say the food was great! Sorry I didn’t get a picture.

Before I went on my trip I told myself that I was going to start my bedroom renovation when I got back and that started with painting my room finally. So after getting home and lounging for a bit, I started to move things around my room to make an area for me to paint certain walls and ceilings. I didn’t have space to be able to take my bed apart and take outside my bedroom so I can have more space so I decided on moving everything to the other side of the room and worked on painting the walls, baseboard, and the ceiling. I painted my walls white, t make the room bigger and brighter.

I originally painted my walls what I thought was a white but turned out to be what looked like a swiss coffee, it’s a white but it has somewhat of soft cream color to it. The white I used is called Extra White. Once I put it on the walls you can definitely see the difference in colors.

Today I just worked on doing 2 coats on have of the walls in the room. My bedroom door was painted black that I did years ago and I never changed it, today I finally painted it white and that took about 3 coats.

Tomorrow I will work on doing the ceiling and hopefully start on the other sidewalls.

The paint I used:

Sherwin Williams:

Cashmere Low Luster: Extra White

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