Day 11

I woke up kind of late today. I worked last night and on top of that I painted half of the walls in my room and that made me pretty exhausted afterwards.

My mom had told me about a movie he had watched on plane when they were coming home from Minnesota and told me I had to watch it. “I was going to love it”

The movie or documentary really was called Foster. The documentary is following different types and ages of children and adults in the foster care system. They show there day to day lives and the things they struggle with because of the things these children had to witness at such a young age. The children do discuss the things they have gone through before going into the foster system and how they are doing now and the issues they are facing.

The documentary is on HBO and from what I searched the only way to watch it is through HBO.

After watching this movie, because I have planned to be a foster mom seeing this movie only made me want to be a foster mom even more.

These children are strong kids and all they want is to be loved and know that there are people there for them daily.

After finishing this movie my grandparents, aunt and cousins came by for a surprise visit all the way from Arizona. It was so good to see them!

Right before work started I prepped to paint my ceiling and paint half of it.

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