Day 9

Home. Today I am heading home and it’s not fun. It was really nice to spend all the time that was given to me to be able to see her for a good amount of days not knowing when they will be able to visit again. Especially my baby’s Groot and Loki, they have now placed a special in my heart for them, they are incredible dogs and I’m going to miss them as well.

We got to the airport early due to my sister and brother in law had to be at work a couple hours later. I did somehow manage to make it to the end of the airport completely lost and had to ask for help a couple of times only to find out that instead of going right like I did, I should have made a left and my gate would literally be right there. But not I wanted to make it difficult and make it back to my gate right as they boarded the plane. AHHHH!

Then as I landed my baggage wanted to take almost an hour for them to deliver it but at the wrong baggage claim area. yup.

My sister Joce was arriving 2 hours later from my flight so my mom and I went to grab something to eat and then walk around the West field Mall to kill time.

We picked up my sister and headed home and came home to sleep for a little bit and then headed to my dad’s to drop off his gummy bears.

I ended my day going to my aunts and my cousin and I got chips and Gatorade to feed our cravings.

P.S. Remember the cheesecake that I bought? Yeah well not until we landed did I realize that I completely forgot to eat it and left it at my sisters. I’m still upset about it, especially when she called to rub it in and said she was going to eat it.

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