Edgemont Garden

So I have had this project we finished on my computer forever! I honestly don’t know why I never posted it.

If some of you guys remember the Tea House & Writers Retreat, here is the link. Look at it first before this! Trust me you will see the difference.

The clients wanted a deck and patio situation going on, so we made there dream come true. There were a lot of ups and downs during this time period. Now there a lot of pictures but I am going to TRY and minimize putting pictures up. We started in mid-May 2015 and finished around Septemerish 2015, so it definitely was a long process.

What they wanted was a deck behind the Tea House and the Writers retreat but we basically built a whole deck around the entire two sheds. The Teahouse got a patio cover and the Writers retreat got one next to it and there was one big Pergola in the middle. The client’s idea for the Pergola was to have a picture shot in the middle, kind of like your looking at a beautiful picture of the mountains. This project was something we wanted to do because we knew it was gonna be amazing in the end and because it was gonna be our first time to do something like this and luckily the clients trusted us enough that we could and we succeeded more than we thought we could do and that was an awesome feeling.

So bare with me on this post, it’s most likely gonna be my biggest post yet. I’m gonna post the pictures of how everything went day by day and how it all progressed. Below you will see all the supplies being delivered. Now the one thing that sucked was having to take all the supplies one by one down the stairs, talk about working your arms and calves out!

Below is a picture of how it is all looking from the top of the stairs.

Now with these bricks, we could only bring a couple down at a time, my dad made a box for us to bring them down but it was a struggle because as soon as we walked down they would slide to the end and it would become heavy for us to bring down. I wanna say we almost had 2,000 bricks, very close to it if anything. Also below is a picture of the stairs we had to walk up and down every day, it hurt so much.

This is where the bad part of the job came.

My dad and I had arrived later to the job site because we had more wood to pick up. We got to the job around 10 and we were walking around, getting things ready and I had smelt like something burning and immediately thought “who is barb b qing at 10 in the morning?”. I walked back up the steps and saw black smoke coming from behind the client’s house. I yelled to my dad saying there was smoke in the air. Where we were located in Redlands, Ca was in the hills and it was at a time of a lot of mountain fires were happening and just before this, we had had the Big Bear Fire. Literally, days, before the clients had told us ” in case we get a fire, here, are the fire sprinklers switch to turn them on”. So I’m walking back up to the main house and Steve is yelling ” TURN ON THE FIRE SPRINKLERS TURN ON THE FIRE SPRINKLERS!!!”  A fire started across from there home and we had connected all the hoses we had and my dad ran down into the fire trying to tame it down. Apparently, a guy was weed whacking and sparked a rock and that’s what caused the fire, he tried leaving the scene but the police caught him. Luckily down the hill from where they live is a fire station, sadly it still took them awhile to get there. The fire got pretty big, planes came with water and the pink powder. It did get really close to the deck but it was saved. That was a really scary day, it did end up in the news. Here are pictures below:

You can see how close it got. Okay now back to the decks!

Those are the finishing touches of the decks and patio covers. I hoped you guys liked them! Again sorry for all the pictures! Trust me there was way more than this! haha, The next set of pictures are what she wanted to be done so far as pathways to the houses and then Laurie putting all her plants and trees in. When we had finished the job none of the plants had blossomed but I went back because I ended buying her Jeep she was selling ( I was so excited to buy it!!) But when I went back it, months had already passed and my goodness the flowers and trees just bloomed! On her Teahouse she wanted a little garden area with a sink and so she put that in.

I hoped you guys enjoyed the whole process of making these beautiful decks and patio covers for these amazing clients we call friends. Again sorry it took me so long to post this, time and life get to everyone. There’s only one more picture I putting up like I said, in the beginning, the clients wanted a picture like scene. We gave them just that and my gosh it is so beautiful.

I do have more pictures of the flowers and tree’s way bigger than what these photos show but there on from my film camera and I still have yet to develop them, sorry. But I will post some more pictures on another post but not a lot like these haha.

Doing this project was stressful at times but it broke our limits of what we could and couldn’t do. The clients were always so nice and such a blessing to work with, we all became friends and that’s all we want, is to build friendships with one and another.

If you guys have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I’d be happy to answer them all! If any of you live in the Inland Empire & Orange County of Southern California and would like some work done, you can email me at brianna@lionpaintworx.com.

My dad’s company does:


Interior/ Exterior Painting

Cabinet Installation

Drywall Work

Stain Work

You can visit his Facebook Page: Lion Paint Worx

I’m gonna go through my laptop some more and see if I can find some more projects we worked on and post them. I definitely do have quite a bit of projects, I don’t want to bore you guys with these post but if you guys do like them let me know! Alrighty, it’s 2:30 in the morning time for bed! Enjoy!


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