I’m back!

As I was sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane, all I could think about was how I was going to miss a place I got to know a lot about. A place where there was so much history made. A place where my sister twin now calls home. A place I’m gonna miss (because they get snow).

Just like any other state, they have things your home state just doesn’t have and so you fall in love with the place. Plus the views in South Dakota are amazing!

My sister and her boyfriend took me a few cool places, this cool ice cream place, a brewery that was awesome. A lake that was full of ducks and geese.

Here’s a funny story, I was talking to one of my aunts and she asked if I was ready to come home. My response “yes and no. Yes because I miss my bed. No, because it hasn’t snowed yet and after it snows then I can go home.” There were 3 days out of the two and half weeks that I was there and it was supposed to snow and it never did *sad face*.

But on the last day before I left….it snowed!!! Ahhh I was excited!!! It didn’t snow a lot but it snowed and that was enough for me to be pleased.

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