It’s Pumpkin Carving Time!

Last night went to my dads house to watch the Packers and Rams game (it was a close game). Although we lost, we got to do some pumpkin carving with 8 of the 11 kids that came over and had some fun family quality time.

For my pumpkin, I did a painting instead of a carving because I didn’t want to get messy and I really couldn’t find a cute stencil for my pumpkin my sister helped me make my pumpkin look incredible! My little brother wanted to do G for the Green Bay Packers and then my other little brother did a scorpion which was super hard because my dad was the one to carve the pumpkins for them so his hand was pretty sore after the scorpion. My sisters did Jack from nightmare before Christmas, The other sister did a face on her own, the other one painted it with flowers and then the other sister layered her pumpkin would like seven different layers of paint because she couldn’t decide what she wanted to do so in the day it became a colorful pumpkin.

In the end, everyone’s pumpkin came out the way each of us are in our own ways and that’s the one thing I love about them all.

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