I’m Horrible at Posting!

I am terrible at posting but I love blogging. I tend to start posting every year at the beginning for maybe the first few months and then bam I stop.

For those that look at my blog which isn’t many I apologize. I am really going to start doing better this year!

There is so many new things happening this year and I am so excited to share!

A couple things that have happened:

  1. Still going to school (even though I have wanted to quit a million times but I am going strong!)
  2. I moved out of California to Arizona with my Sister Twin, we got a house and love it so much (excited to be able to decorate a whole home compared to a bedroom at your parents home)
  3. I sadly did deal with hair loss from having COVID last year (I can make a post about that if anyone is interested).
  4. Due to my hair loss I chopped my hair! Now I do like it but at times of course I miss my semi long curly hair!
  5. My Sister Twin and I have decided to start a small business together ( my sister and I call each other sister twin because we are twin sisters but it’s boring to say “oh this is my twin sister” but we like to say “this is my sister twin”) In the next couple months I will start to share what we will be doing but it is going to be so amazing and something fun to do together!

I am still trying to figure out which way I want my blog page to be about. I want to share what comes to my mind, share fun things I have done or going to be doing like day to day things, or sharing things I have bought for my home or I created things as well (DIY) type.

If you guys having any suggestions in what you’d like to see please let me know!

As always thank you guys for reading this!

P.S. The featured image is from my new backyard! I love the sky as you can tell!

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