Hair Loss

Hair Loss.

Something I never thought I’d have to go through but here I am. I recovered from COVID back in August. Towards the beginning of October and for the past month I have been keeping track of the amount of hair I have lost. As a curly head it is natural to have a certain amount of hair to come out onto the brush after a shower and brush your hair out from the amount of knots curly heads get. So at first it didn’t seem important to notice. But only after a two day difference more hair was still coming out.

I told my mom about it and she told me to put it in a zip lock and date it for every time I brushed my hair and hair came out. It’s not falling out in patches which I’m happy about but still. I can feel the difference in the way my hair feels when I grab it all together. When I had put my hair in a pony tail you could see and the feel the difference from what it used to be like.

After a while I started to have insecurities because honestly I felt like the best thing about me was my big curly hair. It was amazing! I mean look at my hair. The second photo was taken just in September a month before a difference started to show.

The next few photos were taken on October 23rd, and one side of my hair was showing more hair loss than the other side. This was the bad side.

It really sucks to see you losing hair, especially to something that has affected this world beyond what we expected to happen at all. As if being in the hospital trying to breathe wasn’t enough lets add hair loss to your list. After my hair loss I lost confidence to even want to do my make up and my hair and would just put it in a ponytail to try and hide the thinness of my hair.

Towards the end of November one day I had slicked my hair back and was starring at myself in the mirror and saw these little fuzzies of hair  on the top of my head and I had realized my hair my be growing back. It made me sad because even though it may be growing back but I still lost a ton of hair.

That day I made the decision to chop my hair off. Now the thing with curly heads is you may chop half and inch and your hair can shrink up 2 inches. It’s a big difference and risk for us to do. So I scheduled my appointment and chop chop chop! 

Ive come to love my short hair, I know that in time my hair will grow back. One thing I am extremely grateful for is that it could have been a lot worse but anybody who loves their hair knows it is not fun to lose it’s just something we have to deal with when it does happen to us.

For anybody who has any questions regarding my hair loss or anything else comment below!

As always thank you guys for reading this!


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