Day 14

Today consisted of no painting, thank goodness!

I didn’t do a lot today but basically wait for my package to come in, two actually.

My dad had asked or basically told me I was going to buy him this jacket he had shown me and because his birthday was coming up I did end up getting the jacket for him. Plus he kept nagging me about it.

My other package is something I saw on Tik Tok and knew I had to get it and literally like two days later I looked online for one I like and voila I did!

This here is an incense holder, you put an incense at the top behind the arch and light it up and watch for the smoke to come down like a waterfall.

At the bottom of the bowl are koi fish, I think it’s the cutest thing!

I got this on Amazon for $25.99, it did come with 120 incense already, tweezers, stick incense and a mat to place underneath (click the “amazon” for a link to the item).

Here is a video of my Instagram story that I posted of the smoke flowing.

I hope you guys liked it! If you have any questions, ask them in the comments!


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