Day 13

School starts today! I’m so not ready for it! I mean who is ever ready for school? Well, actually my cousin is always prepared for school I have absolutely no idea how she does it. Her focal point is all about school and that is just not me.

Luckily school starts for me online (3 classes) and my one on-campus class not for another month. I have 3 more semesters left, this semester I’m taking right now and two more after that and I will be getting my AA in Child Development.

I went to my school today to drop off my last semester’s textbooks and pick up my new ones for this semester. I had issues regarding getting an access code for my math class online but it wasn’t happening.

Here are a few pictures of my college. I love how green and open it is.

I’m a little frustrated today becuase I ordered a jacket for my dad and it was supposed to arrive today especially since I paid for express shipping. But nonetheless, it better be here tomorrow.

Today I finally finished painting the rest of my walls and ceiling! It was so liberating when I finished the last second coat. Now it’s time to arrange all the furniture to its proper area and then onto my favorite part of the decoration. It’s the part that is the part of putting everything together and seeing the outcome of what ideas you had in mind.

I forgot to mention! I saw this thing in a video and I knew I had to get it so I ordered it and it arrives tomorrow! Can’t wait to show you guys!

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