Day 3

Getting up in the morning is the most hard thing to do when your on vacations and you just want to sleep in and lay there for a bit as for me at least.

Today my sister and her boyfriend had to go to work, so it was up to us to roam the city with hopefully not getting lost but luckily with technology and everybody having a phone in the car I’m sure we would have been okay.

So we got ready and headed to Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota. I have to say that place was amazing to see, especially at this time because the water will freeze over and so does the waterfall.

This picture isn’t the greatest, I realized I didn’t take any photos of the waterfall and only videotaped it, so here is a screen shot of it lol. I have to say I could stare at this waterfall for a good amount of time. There’s actually an area where you can walk behind the waterfall but because it gets frozen pretty bad, they closed it off during the winter time due to people slipping and getting injured. We did see one guy climb his way to see maybe if he can get behind the water fall but we couldn’t see him after awhile.

Walking around the park area was incredible to see a blanket of snow just everywhere was something I’ve always dreamed of seeing. My sister and brother went sledding on one of the hills in the park.

After being in this park for quite a while we went and drove around til we found an antique shops and went around to look inside for some cool knickknacks. This one shop had a big doll house and even added some little objects in each room.

After this we drove around places and got lost we came up to this Old Catholic Church that was ginormous and incredible to see especially the inside.

The architecture that was put into creating this building was incredible to witness. If you look at the picture of the ceiling you can see all the depth these people put there work into and that was something to take in.

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