Day 4

We have not been getting up early what so ever since we have been here. I’m not sure if it’s the time difference, given that it is only 2 hrs ahead than California time. But I’m not complaining because who doesn’t like sleep right?

Our first stop we drove by the Vikings stadium and the way that building was bulit was nice. I’ve never really seen a NFL football stadium before and that was cool to see. Now I’m a Green Bay Packers Fan and hope one day to be able to go to Lambeau Field and see a game.

Today we kind of just drove around and stopped at a few places. Our first stop was the Mississippi River. You can drive along side the river and that’s pretty cool.

To be able to experience seeing the Mississippi River up close was unbelievable. There are things I never thought I would be able to see or get to see, but now this is something I’m able to check off my list.

Next to the river was a little path, I had to take a picture, you know me snapping pictures away.

After this we went to Mall of America and oh my goodness that place was huge!! It got overwhelming at one point. This is the only photo I got when I was there, but I will be going back again! We had lunch at Wahlburgers which is delicious food by the way! I definitely recommend going there when you visit the mall! We stopped at this one place that sold macaroons, no one in my family likes them but me.

We ended the day by celebrating my brother in law’s birthday with a cake and a few goodies. Groot wanted some cake too Lol

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