My First Time!!

Guys I went on my first plane ride this past Thursday!! It was so much fun! I was so nervous by what everyone has told me about their plane ride experiences.

“The scary part is taking off” – Love that part!!

“It gets a little sketchy when you land” – Another fun part!

I think it’s because I love rollercoasters that the plane ride felt similar to one? I don’t know maybe.  The flight attendant were really nice ( I wanted to be a flight attendant at one point in my life). On my last plane ride, one of the attendants were really funny. haha he was cracking up jokes the whole plane ride. Southwest Airlines are the best! (even tho it was my first time)

My plane ride was not long but a good time. Okay so the reason I was going on a plane was because I’m working out-of-state (Arizona) for a job and needed to go home for some training for church. So my plane left from Tucson, AZ at 5am and from there it was to go to Los Angeles (LAX) and drop off passengers there and then leave to Oakland, Ca and stay there for 2 hours and then get on another plane and land in Ontario, Ca. I had no idea we were stopping in Los Angeles, when they announced we were landing I thought I got on the wrong plane but thank goodness I was good!

So then we get to Oakland, Ca and it really is boring having nothing to do except wait for two hours in a terminal where you know absolutely no one. The time comes to finally to get on the plane and I’m happy to be home again!

All in all I got to take off 3 times and land 3 times!  And actually got to try all 3 seats out and of course the window seat wins. Plus when we left LAX I got to fly over the ocean!!

Okay sorry I’m just ranting now, I had to share my first plane ride experience with you guys! Some Pics below!!

Have a Blessed Night!



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