Happiest Place On Earth? 

They say it is the happiest place to be, but what they don’t say is how tired and exhausting you will be at the end of the day. Is it really the Happiest Place on Earth tho? To me I wouldn’t say it is, for me its just an amusement park with fun rides and cool charachters you used to and still watch on TV.

So let me just tell you that the day did not start off well at all. On our way to Disneyland there was traffic, and if anyone knows what the 91 freeway looks like it’s not pretty. Back to my point, because of this traffic caused a crash to happen in front of us and after stopping before we hit the car in front of us we end up getting hit from the back. Ahhhhh! So all in all a 5 car crash happened. It also happens that the fifth guy to get in the crash was also going to Disneyland! Haha

We made it though! Now This would only be my third time going. I know shocker! Everyone goes at least 2 or 3 times a year or more! I honestly don’t know they can go that much! That place is about as packed as can be! There was just so many bumping people and strollers everywhere. But hey that’s Disneyland! One of the sand things was that literally every time we saw a Princess or Character they were always done doing autographs/taking pictures. Im not joking! We would get in line to get our picture taken and the same line was read “Im really sorry so and so is done for the day but they will be back tomorrow around this time”. Really? Im not gonna come back the next day just to take a picture.



Here are some pictures of our time at “The Happiest Place On Earth” I did have a good time, the rides were great as always we actually were able to get on 10 rides. That’s a lot when you’re at Disneyland. Lol My most favorite things I look forward are the parades and the firework shows!

All I got to say is my feet were killing me at the end of the day, but I got through it! Hallelujah 🙌🏼

Have A Blessed Day!

Bri 🙋🏻

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