Box Braids!

So this past Tuesday I got box braids and I can absolutely say I am in love with them! I researched about them, so I can get all my facts straight. From what I read there easy to handle, so many styles to work with them, it protects your hair, and it helps grow your hair! How awesome is that?!

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to get them, after I saw someone on Instagram. I just fell in love with them. Plus I just wanted something new and dying my hair over and over was getting boring, so why not do something different?! So ever since then I’ve been googling, youtubing, blogging about them. And so I finally grabbed my guts and did it! I’m so happy I did! Now I thought from reading on it on how long the process would be and they all said 8-10 hrs!! What?! So when the lady started I was totally ready to be sitting in the chair for quite a while. Well it only took 3 hrs!! Yes! 3 hrs!!! I wish I got it on video on how fast her hands were moving, but gosh she didn’t even have to look at what she was doing! Overall I was very pleased and satisfied with her work. The lady was amazing! I would definitely go back to her if i were to do this again (which I probably will). haha


I love the feel of them, they are not tight at all where it hurts to wear them. They are light not to heavy, just perfect. I did straight black (#1) for my first time and the brand I got was “Rast A Fri” I got 7 packs, but she only used about 4 1/2 packs not even have 1/2 just like a few pieces from the last one pack. I’m still trying to find hair styles that fit me. Only done a couple hairstyles so far. Here are some selfies (I was feeling myself lol) and some styles I have tried. I wanted to get them done before our family vacation to Arizona.Which I will post about that in the next post!


If you have any questions about my braids, let me know!

Have A Blessed Day!


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