Day 17

So yesterday didn’t quite go as planned…

We actually ran out of the hair and did buy more. But it honestly did not come out the way my sister and I had hoped it would. Although we did have fun in trying this new experiment, it was a definite lesson to learn for the future. Here are a few shots of the process and us just goofing around.

Below is a picture of the process, sorry about the flash it was dark in my room and without the flash you couldn’t see anything. I do have to say my sister was doing a great job and I completely applaud her for always down to try new things on my hair.

We didn’t finish that night and since I had worked as well, I decided to do a little homework while I waited for calls.

The next morning, we didn’t end up straightening the rest of the hair that we bought and fingered we would go back and do it to cut the time short. So here is a picture of it finished and the top half with the curls. The curls didn’t look bad but you could definitely tell at the top of my hairline that it just didn’t look good.

After this picture we did end up cut it all off, I was sad becuase all of my sister’s work went to the trash (literally) in the matter of hours of being done but even she didn’t like it. It was trial and error and we now know what to do for the future.

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