Back To School: College Haul!

It’s that time again!

Back to school for long boring hours and piles and piles of homework every day!

For this post, I thought I’d share some of the things I got for my college supplies. Now I live at home and don’t live in a dorm, the supplies will only consist of supplies needed for class and homework.

As some know I’m getting my major in Child Development (CD) and all 5 of my classes this Fall semester consists of all CD courses. Yikes!

I have a folder for each class because I never was a fan of the big folders and I like to have all my notes, classwork, homework, and special assignments/projects separate from each class. I also like to make a decorative cover for each class so I know what binder is what and it’s easy to grab.

I do my cover designs through Canva, it’s a website that allows you to be creative when design a Flyer, Poster, IG Post, Twitter Banner, YouTube Banner, and well basically anything to your standard.

When it comes to what I put in my binder is super simple. I put my 5 Star College Ruled Paper and 2 5 Star Decorative Divider Tabs and a couple Sheet Protectors. The reason for these three things is simple: paper for notes, each divider is labeled “Classwork & Homework”: for any classwork that is done in class that needs to be turned in for a grade is in that divider and of course all homework is in the other. The reason for that is because when looking for a certain paper down the road it can easily be found. The sheet protectors are for the syllabus and the schedule most Professor give you with a schedule of the semester and important dates for exams and such. 

Next is probably my favorite! I got the Pilot 12pk Gel Pens, the Pilot 5pk Frixion Highlighters, and Avery Ultra Tabs. I’m the type that likes to write my notes down and I also enjoy too! But when I write my notes I like to color coordinate. For my regular notes is written in black ink and if the slides have a bolded word then that word is colored in a colored pen and so on. The highlighter is for each title of each slide that changes names. As for the tabs, they are for each chapter of notes that you do. I found it easier when looking for a certain chapter in my binder I was easily able to pick the chapter by seeing the tabs on the side. 

A cool side note about these highlighters is that they are erasable! YES, ERASABLE! I love these highlighters and plus there not your ordinary colors, they are a pastel color and there pretty!

Here is a picture (above) from my last semester class where I started to do the tabs, I recently found these new ones (Avery Ultra Tabs) and I like those better. There is also a picture of part of my notes where you can see my main notes in black and the special words are in red and the title is highlighted in a pink highlighter.

Below I bought a new pencil case that is flat and clear, able to see all the pens, highlighters and other necessities. 

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