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Okay guys I got my camera fixed! So let me tell you the story of how I got my camera. So about a few years ago my dad found a camera (Canon AE-1 Program) and knew that I had a liking to Photography so he gave it to me, and my mom had bought me a whole mess of films. So I went about and took a lot of pictures, and I just kept thinking about all the pictures that I took and couldn’t wait to see how they turned out. Sadly tho, we arrive back at the store and the lady says “Sorry I’m not charging you for anything because nothing got printed.” I was devastated!! After many years of putting it off, I finally went to the camera repair store and got it fixed and some things were replaced and repaired. NOW IT WORKS!!! I bought over 12 rolls of film! And used them all and then some!

Canon AE-1 Program Camera

I was so nervous when I turned in my first 2 rolls, all I kept thinking was ” great I just wasted all this money for this camera to be fixed and it’s not even gonna work” I was so nervous, I wanted to call everyday and see if they were in! I turned in 4 more films when I went to go check to if the first 2 were finished (they weren’t *sad face*) Now I was waiting for 6 films to be developed! *AHHHH* After almost 2 weeks of waiting all 6 were ready!! I picked them all up and waited til I got home (I don’t know how I waited that long). I have to say the pictures came out great! Some didn’t come out as great but none the less I still love them all. Here are some pictures below!

Sister Madalyne @ Harvest Crusade
Sister Joce @ Harvest Crusade
Mother @ Harvest Crusade
Joce praising our Lord
Trying out the flash with my Sister Grace
Another pic with the flash w/ my sister Sadee


I’m still working out all the Kinks on the camera. I recently bought a flash that attaches to the Top on Amazon. Below are the prices for the flash, and the cost at some places for prices where they develop film. Please let me know what you guys think of my pictures, or if you guys have any tips I could use for old film camera’s! That would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you guys know anywhere else to take film to be developed and at a good price please let me know! Don’t be shy guys! Can’t wait to show you guys some more pictures!

Flash ( Amazon): $19.99

Image One Camera & Video *Riverside,Ca* (Repairs and Replaced): $169.00 *It might cost more or less depending on your camera and on the reestablishment it needs*

Image One Camera & Video *Riverside,Ca* (35mm film, Color, 24 Exposures): $15, Im not sure if black & white cost more, so I’m guessing probably a few bucks more

Walmart (35mm Film): $9.96

Target (No Longer Develop film): *sad face*

Walgreens ( 35mm Film): $9.? – $14 *the people I talked to weren’t quite sure*

Rite Aid (35mm Film): $9.97 – $$19.99 *Depending on sizes*


Have A Blessed Day!

Bri! 🙋🏻

    1. I’m definitely going through trial and errors as well but I love how it’s a learning process tho. I’m going on vacation soon out of state and I can’t wait to shoot a lot of epic scenic views.


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