Hill Top House Before & After


This house we did in Redlands,Ca. When we arrived to this house, it was very dull looking didn’t have a lot going for itself.  But the couple that lives here are such the sweetest you will ever meet. Be able to do this house was such a pleasure. There are not a lot of places you can go and speak openly about your religion. But being able to talk to them about God was really amazing. During this time working here, I had went to Youth Camp for a week and after it was over I was so excited to share my experience with them. The vibe you get from them is just so relaxing.



Okay back to business, The client wanted a country french look. So we all did some looking around for some colors that would go. We decided to go with a soft yellow on the stucco, a swiss coffee on the eves and fascia, and a black on the wood trim around the windows and on the flashing and a green on the shutters and flower boxes. On the Pictures above you can see all the before shots and the last bottom one you can see the wall cracking, we scraped it all off and put some new stucco up. (I  seem to not have a photo of the new stucco, uh oh!)

They wanted shutters made and flower boxes for the windows (some of them). My dad made all the shutters and flower boxes. They didn’t want the shutters clean smooth looking, they wanted the worst wood you can find, beat up basically. IMG_8291IMG_8293


I would say that in the end, the house was a total transformation. It definitely looked liked a new house. A lot of houses go from just one color to a next color and it does makes a house different but once you add things that was never there and see it in the end is a TOTALLY new look.












I hope you like it! This was a fun job! We actually did another one of their property’s after this job. It was in Fallbrook,Ca. They have two houses on the lot and one was a Guest House. We did it close to the same look. Although there wasn’t any black,green, or pink on this house. Just yellow and white.

On another note they later on got sheds. One is a green house and one is just a regular shed. A His and Hers look. I will write about that in my next post!

Exterior Colors from Sherwin Williams Paint Store:

stucco: fullmoon sw6679

eves & fascia: swiss coffee

wood trim: black magic sw6991

shutters & flower boxes: artichoke sw6179

doors : radish sw6861

As always, Have a Blessed night!

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