Day 21

Today was the day!

Two things were happening today. First, it was my dad’s birthday. Second, I was heading to my grandparent’s house to stay with them for a bit.

I wasn’t able to spend time with my dad today because he was working, and I had told him when I got back that I would take him out to dinner or lunch.

I left for my grandparents at about 11am and from where I lived, it would take me about 4hrs to get there.

This is pretty much my entire view the whole way, I did only stop once to fill up on gas. I was driving by myself, so I didn’t want to stop too much. Plus, I had snacks with me, and a venti Starbucks drink actually lasted the whole ride.

This ride took a lot of ballads of me singing my lungs out, and I think the cars that were next to me were worried. lol

I got to my grandparents around 4:30pm, I was planning on surprising one of my aunts and her fam by having my grandpa telling her to come over for dinner, but she wasn’t feeling well, so I ended up calling her to let her know I was in town.

That was it for today, I have work tonight but tomorrow is my day off, and I’m excited!

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