Day 12

I didn’t do much for today except wait right before work started to start painting my room.

Today I was on the opposite side of the room now and almost close to being done. Today I painted both the walls twice and that part of the ceilings twice.

Something cool is that little bucket in the picture above is actually a pens and pencil holder but it is shaped like a paint bucket. I needed a cup to put my paint in that was easy to hold and where I didn’t need a lot of paint with me and I saw this and knew I had to use it.

While I was painting I still had work to do, so I was going back and forth and answering calls when they came in. I forgot how much painting can be tiring but it had to be done, I mean look at those baseboards there are gross.

I had to pick up Joce from work at 1am and the drive is calming honestly, I like it when there’s not a lot of people on the streets.

Tomorrow I will finish the last of the walls and from then on it’s decorating time!! Ahhh my favorite part!

The paint I used:

Sherwin Williams:

Cashmere Low Luster: Extra White

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