Day 8

I have to say the last few days were the same thing back to back, waiting for my sister and brother in law get home from work and then be able to do things, which is okay for me considering I’m a lazy person and would rather doing nothing at all. haha

For the past few days my twin sister had been sick and so she went back to work today only to come home early due to her stomach not wanting to keep anything in, and so her boss sent her home. But the cutest thing ever, as soon as she got home the dogs could sense something is wrong so they went and laid on her.

My dads only request for having me bring him back something, was to go to the second floor and it had to be from the second floor and bring him back gummy bears. Once my brother in law got home from work, he rested for a little bit and then we headed back to Mall of America to get my dad his gummy bears.

We then wanted to just walk by Carlo’s Bake Shop, I used to watch his show all the time and loved the way they all were with each other. We stopped by it but I told myself I’m not gonna just walk by and not get anything?! I heard their cheesecake is amazing so I bought a cheesecake.

We ended the night by going to Chic Fil A because my sister Joce had been asking for it the last couple of days and we finally obliged and went to get some. She says she was having withdrawals from it. haha

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