Day 7

Today was another day of just laying around, considering there was now only one car available to use and my brother in law had to go to work today. And I wasn’t about to go walking considering how cold it was outside. No thanks, I’ll just stay inside and watch movies and take lots of naps. Plus we had company with Groot & Loki, look at how cute they look!

Today is also my brother in laws birthday, when he got home we went to a place called Arizona Taco. It was pretty good, they had the basic food group that any Mexican restaurant has.

Do you hate working on vacation? Yeah? Well so do I but when you want a paycheck then you got to. And that is exactly what I did. Luckily I only worked two days. So because of the time difference (2 hours ahead) instead of starting 8 pm my time i had to start at 10 pm that would equal my time at home. While I waited for calls I watch Hannah Montana on Disney+ (I miss that show low key). This is how my night ended and finished in the early morning.

P.S. I also forgot to mention a milestone I passed on here! I finally my 100 post on here! I have to say I’m kind of surprised that I got this far but I know I’m going to keep pushing and reach more milestones. Thank you to those who take their time to stop and read my post, it really means a lot!

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