Day 5

Today was the day for napping, watching TV/movies, napping, playing games, editing photos, and more napping. lol

My mom and dad were the ones to go out and do things in the city and I was content with staying home and being lazy, hey I’m on vacation I get to do whatever I want.

So today’s blog post isn’t the greatest, but I decided to insert some photos that didn’t make the other post.

As we walking to our first stop for the night of bar hopping, we came across this wall portrait of Prince. Fun Fact: Prince is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and that was something I did not know which is really cool.

Here is a sky photo of when I was on my plane ride to Minnesota, I was so pleased when I picked the window seat. Being able to see the sunrise was the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long while. All I have to say is they need to clean their windows more, it was so hard to get a good photo.

And here is just a picture of Loki, he is the second dog of my sister and brother in law, they got him as a rescue and he had been in the shelter for about 2 years until he a happy loving home with them. Their first dog is Groot (they named him after Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy) and they knew it was fate when they found Loki because that was the name he had already had and my brother is a huge Marvel fan. In the picture below is my twin sister on the left and next to her is Groot and next to me is Loki.

We ended today with my brother in law making dinner for us all and he is a fantastic cook. I enjoyed his food and so did the rest of my family.

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