The Most Difficult Decision I’ve Ever Made…

Phew okay…

I started working with my dad and his company right after I graduated from High School (2012). This June it’ll be 6 years I’ve been with him. WOW. It has been a long journey and its finally coming to an end.

Why you ask? I learned in 2017 what my calling is in Life and I couldn’t be more excited than ever. I realized that I want to be a…Foster Parent!!! Yes! I am so overjoyed to start my new journey and so beyond grateful to do something so incredible.

So my decision, was to tell my dad that I’m leaving the company. I have told myself for the past year or so that I was finally gonna leave and do something else. I was ready to go and when the time came up, I never left, I couldn’t.

I couldn’t leave my Dad. I couldn’t leave him knowing he needed me and told me countless times I could leave whenever I decided to. I couldn’t leave him knowing I was his right hand man. I couldn’t leave him due to the fact that I felt bad for stepping away. I couldn’t leave him because those times we spent together everyday was gong to end. I couldn’t leave him for the fact that I won’t be able to have those fun moments at work. I couldn’t leave him for the reason that he needed me and I need him.

My Dad has taught me a lot in 6 years.

  • don’t doubt girls ( in every chance he can get he will give me a pat on the back for doing a good job and most likely doing it better than most men)
  • no question is a stupid question ( although I’ve given my fair of questions and then the look of  “are you serious Brianna?” appears haha)
  • If you need to talk, he is there always (he will stop what he’s doing to talk to you and make sure you the advice you need to hear)
  • Never give up on others ( just like people never gave up on my dad and he’s thankful for that, he’s says to do the same)
  • Always have FAITH ( when my dad was going through his dark times, God was always there with him.” God is always with you” he never let that go)
  • Pray & Pray & Pray some more ( he said if your ever going through a hard time to stop and pray, no matter where you are just pray, who cares who watching you just pray)
  • Everyone deserves second chances ( he is the master of second chances haha, people are still working on themselves we have to give them time to changes there ways)
  • Never lose HOPE ( he always had hoped for things to get better for his life and he got exactly that)
  • Brought us closer ( being with each other everyday did help our father daughter relationship and for that I’m grateful)
  • FINISH what you start (my goodness that is one thing he is big on, he will push you in any way possible no matter how annoying he will get to have you finish something you started haha)
  • If your frustrated STOP ( my dad always says if you’re getting frustrated stop and go home, work will be there tomorrow, never work on a clouded mind)

Now don’t get me wrong we most definitely had our bad days. Yelling and having attitude (mainly me). Where I would be in a grouchy mood all day and he would just want to take me home so he didn’t have to deal with me. A lot of people didn’t realize he was my dad till I would either talk back or argue with him and OH BOY were there a lot of arguments haha.

Overall working with my dad has been an absolute blessing. He taught me how to fix things, make things from scratch, have an open mind on things, to be confident in what I do, he found something I’m really good at, not to let others put me down, and to always put my trust and whole being in God.

As the days come closer to the end of the road for this path I was on I’m glad I got to be able to do it with my Dad.

Now as my new path is waiting for me, I know my dad will be there helping me no matter what.

“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭22:6‬ ‭NLT

Below are a few photos of my dad and the family!

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