Piercings & Tattoos

Guys! This Past Saturday I went out and did it! I got the piercing I’ve been wanting for a while now. Its called a Labret Piercing, it’s just below the lip. I have to say I’m surprised it didn’t hurt as much as I thought. haha I got my cartilage pierced as well and THAT hurt more than my lip, crazy right?! My lip is swelling up a whole lot but it does hurt to eat all the time. They told me that every time I eat food or drink something, I have to rinse my mouth with mouth. AFTER EVERY TIME I EAT & DRINK FOR 3 TO 4 WEEKS!! This is gonna be so hard to remember.


I also forgot to mention that my sister twin came to visit me this time for Christmas & New Years and since all of us were together again, we were able to finally get our Sister Tattoos. So I found this sister tattoo online and fell in love with it. The original picture shows two sisters on a swing and the dates they were born on and “Sisters at the top. So with that we all decided to get a different hairstyle on ours, I got a curly afro and one sister got a braid and the other two just got straight hair. The other thing we changed is that instead of putting just the numbers, we put our numbers in Roman Numerals “93. 96. 98” I’m in love with it. Plus I asked him how much it would cost to get a cross on my hand and he only said $20 today & $40 another day so hey why not get it today right!




Hope all is well with Everybody!

OH! I recently took 7 rolls of film in to be developed & I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Have A Blessed Night!






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