What 2016 taught me…

As I’m sitting here at my aunts house celebrating New Years and reflecting this past year, and man was it a year. I’ve can definitely say I’ve learned a lot. Some was hard to live with and the rest was quite easy to deal with.
I know I’m being cliche with this post and talking about my good and the bad for this year but oh well add me to the list. I’m ending my year with a hurt but I’m also ending it with happiness.

I’ve learned that things happen for a reason. People come and go, family will be forever, not everything will be easy, and some things we have to do on our own.

My year had its ups and downs just like everyone else on this earth. I only hope for this coming year to have more ups then downs. I think everyone hopes for that really.

The things that were the best this year was: I got to visit my sister twin at her new home, I got to visit more states even if it was driving through them. The experience I had was amazing and I would do it again if I could. I applied for a job that was way different from the job I have now, although I didn’t get the job I took the courage I had and applied for it anyways. I was really scared to try something new but in time I will get there. This year I got a closer bond with my sisters and I’m so happy for that. Actually I would say I got closer with my whole family. It may seem like I’m rambling right now but I’m just speaking through what’s going on in this crazy brain of mine. I tried a new hairstyle (box braids) if anyone remembers that. I actually want to do it again, maybe sometime soon. This year I got my license and I bought my own first car (Jeep) on my own, and a few months later my sister flipped it haha. I’ve accomplished a lot this year. I’m proud of myself.

This coming year it’s not a resolution it’s a journey I’m taking for myself. This past year I’ve learned that I care about how everyone feels and I never take care of myself. This year it’s about me and how I feel. I am going to stand up for myself and just be me. It may seem selfish but I don’t care.

As I’m sitting here waiting for the last hour to pass and start this new year to the fullest. This new year I want to meet new people, make friends because surprisingly I have no friends but that’s okay. I want to go out more this year, experience new things. Hopefully meet my other half (praying).

So I’m ending this so called rant! I hope you all have a wonderful year! I hope for those of you who have resolutions to accomplish them. There will be downs but all you have to do is stand up tall and keep on walking to the good.

🎉2017 🎉

Have a Blessed Night!!

Bri 🙋🏻✨

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