South Dakota – Day 4 Mt. Rushmore


The day has finally come where I went to go see one of the top things to see on my list! Mt. Rushmore!! I wanna say I was probably the most excited to this out of my whole family. It was so cold up there, I couldn’t feel my fingers after a couple of minutes. But  I was so concentrated on taking a million pictures, I was barely listening to anybody around me. A lot of people don’t know this but History was one of my favorite subjects. Learning about the past and how it’s changed to now a days are I would say amazing. So being able to see something this big and up close was one of those “wow look at that” moments for me. Plus being able to share that moment with my family was fun as well. I did take a lot more pictures with my film camera and not as much with my digital so here are a few from that and some I took one my phone. The lenses I used was able to get a pretty good close up of all four faces, that’s what I’m excited to share. If you guys have visited here, let me know. I would like to know how your experience went!


Hope you all had a Blessed Day!


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