South Dakota – Day 3 Downtown

Today I woke up way earlier than what I thought, 6:30 in the morning! I thought I was gonna be able to sleep in but my body was like no way Jose! So i went downstairs to the lobby area where they were serving breakfast for the guest and met up with my mom, dad , and brother. The breakfast they were serving was delicious (blueberry pancakes, sausage patty’s, muffins, toast, and cereal). By the time we were all done eating we went back to our rooms to get ready for the day. I was done getting ready by 9:30 and went downstairs to hangout with my sister twin at her front  desk and waited for the others to finish getting ready which took a couple of hours for a few people. That gave me time to hangout with my sister and meet all her co workers. After that I picked up her boyfriend (Daniel) and he took us downtown and saw a lot of historic buildings which I love. Daniel took us to this Alley called Art Alley and OH MY GOSH that place I could be there forever taking pictures of it all! It is the only place in town where they are allowed to draw on the walls, with a permit of course.We did stop at a couple boutiques and another one of my fav spots was the candy shop and I have to say it was so pretty inside. We then stopped at a tattoo shop to see how much a certain tattoo was going to cost ( since all us sisters were together we agreed to get matching tattoos). Then we got food and went back to hotel to wait for my sister to get off work. After that we went to her house and watched a movie and her and her boyfriend cooked us all dinner. Today overall was a good day and tomorrow we are going to……Mt. Rushmore!!! Thats something I’m excited for!! Here are pictures of Art Alley and the Candy Shop.






Hope you all had a Blessed day!


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