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This one magical boring day I decided I wanted to make succulents (I was on Pinterest and they popped up and looked cute and so I got addicted.) I was trying to see where I can by them from and be cheap at the same time. Then I remembered my grandpa loves to plant, so I called him up and asked him if he had succulents and he goes ” Oh yeah I have a ton of them!” and he was not joking.




There were so many to choose from! The day before I had went out to Michael’s and bought so many glass jars and bowls and these two cute chalk pots ( I bought way more than what I needed lol). So my sister helped me decide on what to put in where. I have to say, I was never a gardener/planter so I was new at what to do. But it was honestly so relaxing, I actually enjoyed doing it. It felt calming, just forgetting everything going on in your life and just plant and not think about anything. It’s a stress reliever that’s for sure.

Here are some photos of the succulents I had put together. I hope you guys like them!






Awhile ago I had bought these shelves to put up and never got to putting them up, so finally after a long time I put them up and decorated my shelf. Now mind you, I’m not done decorating yet but here’s how it looks so far.



Please tell me what you guys think! I’m not trying to brag at all because that’s just not me but for this being my first time doing this, they look pretty good! Ok I’m done.

Have a Blessed Day!

Bri 🙋🏻

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