What If…

I’m sure everybody’s had a “What If”moment. I have those moments at least once a week. It’s everything that I’m doing and stop and think what if I didn’t start this , where would I be? What if I didn’t meet this person, who would I be?

When I start to think about those things, I like to stop and enjoy those moments and realize how great ful I am to be where I’m at in life. I started working with my Dad in construction after I graduated from Highschool in 2012. Literally the next week after graduating I started working and haven’t stopped since. I love doing what I do. So now that I’ve been in this business for a few years now I always stop and think What If I didn’t decide to start working with my dad? Where would I be right now? Would I be in college? Would I even have a job? I don’t know! But that’s okay with me because doing what I do now, I have learned so much: I can cut tile, lay tile, use a table saw, use a nail gun, cut drywall, hang drywall, paint a whole house top to bottom, how to remove a toilet and install a new one, remove a ceiling fan and install a new one, how to do some electrical work, how to do some plumbing work, and how to build a house! Not a lot of people at  my age 22 can do that, let alone a women. And that’s okay! I chose to learn all this and do what I do best. All in all I’m happy where I am with my career.

Now with my big huge family, I will explain the whole family tree in another post. Lol So on my dad side with his kids we have some “adoptive” kids. My step moms ex husbands kids (2girls) from a previous marriage had came to stay with my dad and stepmom and ever since then one of the daughters and I have become to close with each other. So when we all go out to breakfast after church or dinner to celebrate someone or something I again start to think What If my dad never met Sena? Would he be with/married to someone else right now? Would  we have a good connection with her? How would I be as a person? I’m happy with who my dad married because if he didn’t I wouldn’t have some of the most important people in my life, my two little sisters that get on my nerves most of the time but I would anything for them. My baby twin brothers who are a miracle to be here. My sister that I can’t live without. After thinking about all that, I wouldn’t want my life any other way. I’ve learned so much these past years with Sena and my sisters. Sure we have our moments of not getting along with each other but who’s family doesn’t? I’m greatful for what God has given me. I wouldn’t ask for it any other way. Now if he can bring a man into my life that would be great but all in good timing he will come. Haha

My mom married my stepdad about 13 yrs ago, and that I start to think as well What If my mom never got married to him? Would she still be single? Who would she be married to someone else? But I wouldn’t have my little brother if that did happen, we wouldn’t have the house we have now. I learned to be patient, quiet when I need to, see things differently, understand things differently. My stepdad taught me all that in the few words that he says (he’s a very quiet guy). I’m thankful for him to be here all this time. We had a scare a couple years ago when he had a triple bypass surgery, the Doctor didn’t know how my dad was still walking. It was all God to keep him here with us a little longer.

There’s always a chain reaction to everything no matter what. I am forever greatful for what God has planned and made for my family and I’s path.

What are your What Ifs? I would like to know!

Have a Blessed Day!

Bri 🙋🏼

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