Bottoms Up!

Hello Guys!

So this past Thursday and Friday we worked making a bar for my Uncle Ray! Him and my dad are best friends and I just love this guy so much. He has been there for my family and especially me through hard things I went through a few years ago. Overtime either of us has a free time to hang out we go over to his house, because he has an awesome backyard! His pool to me and most likely everybody else is big!

So on to the correct subject! haha So whenever my dad and I are working we tend to find really cool things and take them and see if we can find something that we can make out of it. So we found this dresser when we were in Santa Ana, my dad was driving by and saw a dresser in the dumpster so of course we stopped and loaded it in the truck. The wood on the top we found in Lake Arrowhead at a clients house, my dad saw it and asked if he could have it. For the corrugated metal we took it off a clients garage in Fallbrook and said we could have it or give it away and so my dad took it obviously.The windows we got from a client in Riverside. haha And so from then on we decided to make a bar for my dads best friend for his birthday!

I would have to say this was one of the best projects I have worked on in a while. Plus doing the same thing over and over again everyday gets tiring sometimes. But hey its work, so we gotta deal with it.



For the dresser we took out one shelf, so he can have his tall bottles at the bottom and for the top shelf we cut one if half so he can have a spot for his short and tall glasses. IMG_9405   This is the wood we got from Lake Arrowhead, it had a tongue and groove so we staggered it and made it the top. I really like the way this came out. For the border around the wood my dad had  2×6 and cut to 2×2.   These are actually windows that we got from a very good client of ours and she had replaced all her windows in her house and asked if we could have all the old windows and thought about using theses for the doors.   We stained all the wood inside and on top. I really like the way the stain came out. I made the call on what kind it should be and I wanted it to be a dark stain. I feel like a light stain is too traditional for me. For the corner and seems we put wood glue so it can stay together and after we stained it all that was glue showed more and I like the way it showed all the spots.    For the corrugated metal, one side had like a faded red and the other side was just regular. We thought about putting the red side because it looked really good with the stain. But after we thought about it, it would have clashed with the doors. So we went with the other side.     These are the windows/ doors we got them white but painted them red and let me tell you this red was bright. We saw it in the can and was like “that’s too bright for the bar!” so me being me came up with an awesome solution. We paint it red and them sand it down and show some white and put some stain on it!   Look how it came out!    For the top we did a semi-gloss clear and brushed it on.   And Tada! We have a bar!

Hope you guys like it!

As always have a Blessed day!


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