What was your favorite vacation spot as a child?


When I was younger my family and I would always go camping. Every New Years my mom and aunts would go on websites and book our camp sites months ahead. I’m not joking! We booked them in January and would actually go in like June or August. My whole family would go. My grandparents my two aunts and their family, and my uncle (at the time he didn’t have a family yet). It was a lot of fun for us all. Whenever we would go camping, we always camped where there was a cliff and down below there was a BEACH!! I’m not quite sure which campsites we went to, given I was really young ad everything seemed really far as a child. Haha

There are so many stories I remember but I will only tell you guys two. So this one day we all decided to go to the beach and hang out there for the day. At this beach you are allowed to fish at the shore, so as my dad is standing there fishing and picks up something really HEAVY! You will believe what he got! A JELLYFISH!! This thing was HUGE!! Of course no one was able to touch it, because it can still sting you just as its alive. Anyways he had to put it back in the water, I’m sot sure how he did it but he did.

When we get our campsite we usually get three spots because only a certain amount of people are allowed in one spot. So on one of my aunts spot, her and my other aunt when to go get jackets because it was getting cold and we all were starting a bonfire. So as we are sitting there waiting for them to get back we hear a screams coming from where there at. They are running to where all of us are and saying they heard things moving in the bushes. The campsite did warn everybody about their being wildlife. So my aunts husband and my uncle go to check out what they heard. They come back laughing and apparently the lady that sells would on the campsite, has a cat that s wonders everywhere. At the end and till this day we continue to laugh at my aunts for getting scared for no reason.

Just thought I’d share a little something that I miss doing. Everybody has gotten older and we haven’t really had the time to go camping. I really miss it. When people see me they don’t think I like that type of stuff. I DO! The last time I went camping was when my mom was pregnant with my little brother. That was in 2006. He will be 9yrs old this years. Yikes! I need to go soon!

What was your favorite vacation spot as a child? Comment Below!

As always, Have a Blessed Day!



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