The Tea House & Writers Retreat Sheds Before & After


Hello! So these sheds are the ones I was talking about in a recent post. The clients (Steve & Laury) wanted to have their sheds matching their house, and we did exactly that. It was a His and Her shed. What we had decided to do was do Laury’s shed (on the left) exactly like their house and do Steve’s (on the right) a little different. For Laury’s we did white eves and fascia, with black around the window trim and the flashing, and she wanted shutters and flower boxes as well, so those went green, and of course the doors went pink. For Steve’s shed we did the fascia black and the window trim around the door and windows, and for a more manlier look we did his door green.


We only did the inside of the Laury’s house. Steve wanted his inside the bare wood look. His is a green house, so it goes with the look. With the inside of Laury’s shed, we painted it a yellow but not so bright yellow. It’s close to the outside yellow but just a hint more yellow. She wanted a pink floor, yes I know pink. But as well it wasn’t a bad pink, it was soft and I’m not really a pink person but I actually liked the way the floor came out, considering I painted it myself. Haha. For Laury’s house she wanted a tea house look inside, something to go away to. Steve’s shed is a green house and since he likes to write, that’s his little place to go and write. As of write now he is writing a little story for his wife Laury. I just think that is just so adorably cute! The picture above is what their view looks like. Crazy amazing! Laury found this shutter and wanted my dad to paint it the pink that we used for the floor and she used it as a shelf as seen below.


For the flower boxes we used a waterproof sealer so the wood wouldn’t get as damaged normally with a lot of water on it. The sealer dries pretty quick. When you first roll it on its like a hot pink and when it dries it almost close to a red. Now for the finale! The picture below will be on the finishing touches on the inside and outside. I waited till she was done decorating to take pictures. IMG_7890



That’s all the pictures! I hope you guys like it as much as we do, or close to it. Haha Again it’s always a pleasure working with these people. There will definitely be more projects with them coming up. I can’t wait to share with you all! The last picture is what I believe either a sink or fountain that they found and planted an Ivy in it to grow along the wall of the green house. I think that’s super cool, but that’s just me.

As always, Have a Blessed Night!

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