Am I doing His duties right?



As Im sitting here trying to come up with words to write my next blog. I am listening to this song that has been speaking to me lately. I stop and think about all the duties he has for me to fulfill. So I ask myself have i been doing what he wants me to do? Am I making my Lord happy? This past year I decided to start doing daily devotions on my Facebook and being able to share Gods word with other people that don’t know him yet, or to those who do know him but have stepped away from him and need HIM badly.

For awhile I didn’t think anybody was reading them. Yeah sure I got a few likes here and there, but were they really reading them? So then i would think to myself “Maybe you should just stop posting them”. Im not lying when I say this, I was talking with my Mom Sena and i was telling her about what I was doing and told that I wasn’t sure if anybody was reading them. I woke up the next day and wrote my morning devotion on FB, I would say an hour say had passed after putting it up and a friend of mine had commented saying that she reads all of my devotions and thanked me for putting it up., and always looks forward to reading them everyday. Just seeing that I know God was speaking to me saying ‘Brianna what you are doing is Great.” That being said it definitely encouraged me to keep posting my devotions. After that I get people commenting on my devotions asking questions about Him and it just makes me happy and puts a smile to my face knowing they want to know more about him. Its always good to ask questions. As my dad always says at work to his employers ” No question is a stupid question” . Don’t be afraid to ask. Me myself ask questions all the time. lol

This one story that made my tear a shed or two. My cousin had messaged me saying how she has been growing closer to her faith and wanted to thank me for sharing my devotions that have been helping her out. When i read this I wanted to show everybody in my household. It literally made my day when i read this. Knowing I had a little help with people growing with God is the greatest blessing to receive.

There are times when I don’t know what to do. I ask myself “Am I doing anything right?” The other night i would say I proved myself wrong. One of my moms friend had came to me to ask a few questions about why God allows us to hurt, not knowing what God wants from her, why we all can’t just be perfect, asking if God knew all that is happening to happen. This is actually the first that someone has come to me and asked me these questions. I was shocked! “Gosh what do I say?” “How do I word this correctly?”. So I said you just got to stop and let God do his work, all you gotta do is pray about it. He allows us to hurt so we can learn from it all. Nobody is perfect, nobody will ever be perfect. NEVER. If we didn’t hurt there would be no sin, and since everybody sins, everybody WILL hurt. We will never fully understand why God puts things in our lives for us to lose, hurt, break, tear apart. ONLY he knows why. Thats all that really matters honestly. Why question God? Why should you?

Just thought I’d share a little bit of that. Im still growing in my faith, but I Have a lot to learn. Im willing to spend my whole life on being able to know everything I can about Him.

As always, Have a Blessed Night!

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