What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?




Every little kid always has an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. For me that wasn’t the case. I never wanted to be a Princess like the other little girls. I asked my mom what I said when I was little and she said all I really wanted to be was a Teacher.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, everyday I would go to school and would think “Gosh I can’t wait till I’m older and I will be able to teach a class and make all the lesson plans. I would literally come home from school and make my “lesson plans” for my make-believe kids. lol I remember this one time I was in Boys & Girls Club and one of my teachers was there and I went to go see what she was doing in her class and saw that she was throwing all of her paperwork that she didn’t need anymore. I actually asked her if I could have all of it. I’m not lying when I say this, all the paperwork she gave me was a big sized trash bag. It was heavy! I took it home and played school for a very long time. Still can’t believe I did that.

The next thing I wanted to be was a Chef. I absolutely love to cook/bake. I think I get it from my dad, because my dad can cook a really awesome meal. He always likes to try new things and that’s what I love. Baking is more of my specialty but cooking is right there too. My family always ask me to make Mexican rice but they always call it “Brianna’s Rice” I don’t know why, it’s just the way my mom taught me to make it but apparently they love it for some odd reason.

For a good quick second I wanted to be an Interior Designer. Now that I think about it I have no idea why I wanted to do that. I don’t really have a good fashion sense in designing furniture, so I’m glad i didn’t really pursue that idea. But now that I’m older and my dad and I do refurbishing I see a lot better on what would go and not go. It’s a learning process but I think I will stick to refurbishing and let the others deal the rest of it.

One of my most favorite things I’ve also wanted to be and still want to be is a Photographer. Taking pictures is my most favorite thing. I have over 2,000 photos on my phone of just about everything. If I see something that catches my eye I will take the picture without hesitating. All the scenery photos that you see on my other post are taken by me. Yes, they are all taken from my iPhone. I’m in the works of getting an actual camera. Being a photographer has been a really big dream of mine. Even till this day. Everyone always ask me “what kind of photographer do you want to be?” to answer your question, any kind would be awesome!

The absolute thing I wanna be and I’m officially about to be is Computers Programming. Working with computers and getting to deal with all the technologies is really fun for me. Now I know that as soon as I get into school and start learning everything its going to be a lot harder than I think. This is something I want to push myself into. Everybody always tell me that this is something that I should do. My family always come to me when there is a problem with their computer expecting that I already know what I’m doing. I don’t!  But somehow I start clicking things and voila its fixed.

So there you go, things I’ve wanted to be and soon will be. Just thought Id share that.

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” – Anne Frank 

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