Love Is All You Need

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This New Good Friend of mine shared with me this Article that a guy had started this study on guys from Harvard Medical School. The study had almost 300 men involved. He wanted to see the difference in the men and how their lives either were successful or not s successful, having a good childhood or bad childhood could change there future for them. Whether being close to there parents, siblings, to being wealthy or not had to factor into it all.

These men were studied for a few decades of there lives. Every year they had to have physicals done, there parents were interviewed, basically the whole family got interviewed. They were asked questions on  just about everything.

It talks about how there marriages either fell through the ground and how others sky rocked. Given facts about how how the marriages didn’t last because of not being happy anymore, alcoholism being a big factor.

The one that really got to me was the childhood facts. It says that even though some kids had a hard  time as a child, that didn’t stop most of them from making sure they had a better future ahead for them. I myself can relate in so many ways. Even though I am a girl it goes both ways. I had a semi bad childhood. My mom was a single mom of 4 girls and my father was in and out of my life for so many years due to being a drug addict and a alcoholic. He was in and out of jail/ prison so many times, he was like this for almost 20 years. Being through all of that didn’t stop me from loving my dad, it didn’t stop me from wanting to be by him all the time. Yes I was little and didn’t know what was happening around me, but I still loved him. He was my dad, always will be. I knew where i wanted to go in life, and that was on God’s path. He saved my dad from all those horrible things. As of this past December 30, 2014 my dad has been 9 years sober/clean. Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 11.10.49 PM

We all know what the future holds for us. Its up to us on whether we want to pursue the good future or the bad. Which will you choose?

To read more on this Article you can click below:

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