Winter Retreat 2015

This past weekend my church had a winter retreat for the youth kids up in Big Bear Lake. I am a youth leader at my church, and being able to help kids follow in the right path that God wants them to be is such a blessing. There are days that the kids are teaching me more than I am teaching them. That is the greatest feeling though. Seeing these kids grow with Jesus Christ right by there side brings joy to my day. From Day 1 with these kids have changed so much, from feeling shy and not wanting to put there hands in the air during worship to today shouting worship songs and raising there hands high in the sky for him. As of right now boys dominate our youth group. Haha we only have the max 3 girls and like 15 boys. Yikes!

Going to this retreat was a blessing in disguise. There were 5 churches that all came together (Over 120 kids). Wow!  Experiencing what the kids were feeling inside had me in aww. Everybody got along with each other and of course they were quiet around each other but everyone got comfortable with everyone very quick. There was nobody left behind.

Overnight all the Youth Pastors & Youth Leaders get together after all the kids are in bed and we either have a meeting or hang out. Our last night there one of the youth leaders and us share a moment that we will remember. So in that moment i decided to share mine.

My little sister had came up to me earlier that day and had told me that she had been seeing this one verse for quit awhile now. And so she had asked me what it had meant, i tried to explain to her as much as I could and mentioned how my mom once said “If you see a verse more than 3 times, God is telling you something.” I told her to look into it more. Later that day in chapel we were all worshiping and my sister comes up to me and says “Brianna I know what God is telling me.” Right then and there hearing her just say that I started to cry. I asked her what does it mean? She says ” Im always keeping my emotions inside of me and he’s telling me to let them go.” I prayed with her. (This is the first time at camp that they have an open mic for whoever wants to express there feelings.) After Im done praying for her she goes “Brianna I need to go up and tell them how I’m feeling.” Mind you my sister is a very shy/ quiet girl, so for her to want to go up and speak in kind of a big thing! Watching her go up there and start speaking to all the kids had in tears.

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31



For me being able to see my sisters walk with Christ is such a blessing. Knowing that they want to be in his presence is amazing, I couldn’t be more happier.

IMG_6229 IMG_6242 IMG_6292 IMG_6313 IMG_6259IMG_6283 IMG_6356 IMG_6358IMG_6367IMG_6380IMG_6395IMG_6408IMG_6432IMG_6433IMG_6434IMG_6440IMG_6447IMG_6454IMG_6457IMG_6459IMG_6279IMG_6349

Got the pleasure of meeting new people and making friends that walk to same walk with Jesus Christ is another blessing from the retreat. Excited to see these kids grow up with Christ by there sides.

As it nears almost 2 in the morning for me, it is now time to go to bed. If only i didn’t have work in the morning. Goodnight. Have a Blessed Night!


“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28

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