California to Washington to California In 4 Days?!


So my lovely sister Lex decided to head to Washington, and of course she wanted to go on New Year’s! Ahh why?! She’s never been this long away from me. lol Im being over dramatic right now. We are just really close and I miss her on a daily basis.

Okay, getting back on track now. So my sisters boyfriend (Franky- I call him Frank.) decided to surprise her and drive out there to spend New Years with her. How awesome is that?! So she left around 5pm on the plane and would arrive around 10pm there. So after Frank got off work at 7, he came and picked me up and went to buy ALOT of snacks (anything with lots of sugar). Us thinking there was gonna be snow, we bought snow chains. So we left for the freeway of death at 8:30pm. The only time we ever stopped was for gas and of course bathroom breaks. The drive to Oak Harbor, Washington was 19hrs. Geez! We took turns driving, 1hr i would sleep and he would drive and we would swap and so on and so on. There was LOUD music needed! The only states I’ve ever been to were Nevada and Arizona. Being able to go to Oregon and Washington was a fun experience. We arrive in Oregon for gas and this guy comes up to me because I’m about to out gas in the car and says “You know its against the law for you to pump your own gas.” What?! That is just a weird law in general. I just had to stand there and watch him, really uncomfortable. Our whole drive there was pretty much in the darkness, and not being to see the scenery was a bummer. But being to see the sunrise was pretty amazing.


We finally arrive to where my sister’s brothers house around 3:40 – 4:00pm on Wednesday. And we are beyond excited to surprise her! I was literally shaking when we walked up the steps to the house. The most best part was seeing how surprised she was to see us. Of course she started crying , I started to cry as well. haha I was glad to be able to spend my New Years with my Fav Sis in a new state. To finish my story, we sleep for the night and head home Thursday 12:30pm and do another journey home. By the time we get home its Friday 8:00am. Talk about exhausting! When we arrive to my house, we sleep for literally an hr and wake up to head to our church for a Winter Retreat that weekend. Talk about not having a lot of sleep. I hope everyone had a blessed New Years! I know I did! haha

Here are some pics from our never ending Drive. IMG_6113 IMG_6117 IMG_6120 IMG_6129 IMG_6044IMG_6041IMG_6079

P.S we thought there would be snow when we got there but now there was no snow to be seen anywhere. I literally took my big fur coat just to be safe! Come to find out i didn’t even need it.

P.S.S sorry that some of my photos are blurry, I was in the car taking the pictures. Big mistake.


“We love because he first loved us.”  – 1 John 4:19

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