Evening Devotion


“Singing a song of thanksgiving and telling of all your wonders.” (NLT) ( Psalm 26:7 )

You know those pesky speed bumps? While they can be annoying, they force us to be cautionary and become aware of our surroundings. Don’t let your days be like driving on freeways, fast and thoughtless. The next time you go over a speed bump, soak in your surroundings and find one thing that you can appreciate for the day.

Today was kind of tiring, feeling like my body is physically drained. We have been working at this house for almost a month and feeling like as soon as we fix one thing, something else needs to be fixed. It’s like a domino effect. Ahhh!

Anyways! I hope everyone had a blessed day! You’d think after a long day at work and coming home and making dinner for my brothers and sisters, I would be tired. WRONG! I wish I could sleep right now. Darn you Insomnia. Lol okay I’m leaving bye!

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